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Program Description

The Adult Clinic is designed to drill and educate players on the aspects necessary to acquire a well- rounded game of tennis. Each session will start with a fifteen minute warm up for injury prevention purposes. During the following hour of training, we will focus on proper stroke development while minimizing the risk of injuries. In addition, we will also implement tennis strategics compounded with live drills in order to offer a realistic approach to match play.

Regardless of your skill level, or USTA rating; we have the training methodology and pre-registration system necessary to offer world class training sessions based on the personalized needs of each individual or team. Ultimately, this offers the availability necessary to accommodate your hectic weekly schedules in such a way that you can customize your training schedule and become a high performance adult competitor.

Who Is This Program For?

Adults of all ages and skill levels

Program Highlights

  • •15 Minute - Warm Up Session
  • •Body Stroke Mechanics
  • •Court Positioning
  • •One Hour - Strategy - Technique Drills
  • •Live Drill Scenario
  • •Weakness Identification
  • •Customizable Weekly Training Schedule
  • •Complements Your Hectic Weekly Schedules
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