High Performance Summer Tennis Camp

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Program Description

The GT summer camp provides a strategic and innovative approach to the complete development of our athletes. Offering specific training focused on the full development of our players; each and every one of our athletes will receive the teachings and specific on court training that will prepare them for their tennis development and proper progression. These programs are for kid’s ages 11-18 years old. Based on their age and ability they will be assigned the proper program and group. Our pre-registration process, compounded with our method of player assessments allows us to design small groups which take into account each individuals level of play. Ultimately, this gives us the opportunity to personalize each training session based on the players that are enrolled. Whether your child is a complete beginner, or a tennis super star; we will have a game plan for each individual training session based on the players that are enrolled.

We will cover stroke production, supervised match play, competitive drilling and tactical sessions. Mental training, team bonding and self-motivation sessions will be part of their training sessions. Another aspect is that we aim to prepare our players for competition. The performance gap between the ability to hit shots in practice versus matches is a fundamental barrier every competitive player will have to overcome to realize his or her potential.


8:30 AM TO 10:00 AM The initial part of the session consists of a thirty-minute conditioning block followed by an hour of strategic drilling. All players will be divided in their groups and will be assigned specific drills based on the day of the week and the group level. Our combination of hand ball and double feed drills are high intensity and follow our four step methodology process.

10:00 AM TO 11:30 AM. Our goal for the second part of the session is to not only refine the proper strokes and technique, but also to develop the proper strategic skills necessary so that our players know how to compete in a match. Players will be primarily practicing singles and doubles while our top Galindo Certified Coaches identify areas of improvement for each individual’s game. We focus on these main components of training: technical, tactical, physical, and psychological development supported by the ability of our instructors to provide specific instruction methods to provide analysis and feedback to ensure adequate progression


* Unique Player Management System Approach.
* Improve consistency through our unique sequential methodology and proper stroke production and ball striking repetition to build muscle memory.
* Build confidence in their shot-making ability with our goal-oriented drill and point play selections as they progress with their technique.
* Match play coaching analysis.
* Increase their fitness level with top strength and conditioning exercises divided in different cycle’s within all the training sessions.
* Dynamic footwork and live ball foundational drills based on Spanish developmental methodology.


* The coach is a role model
* Time to build the basics: sound technical skills, love of the sport, and good practice and competition habits.
* Help players establish the routines and attitudes they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.
* This is a “romance phase”: – Build in fun, disciplined and balanced with concentration and intensity.
* Emphasize fundamentals and technique: –  Accentuate gaining skills and doing one’s best, rather than focusing on the ultimate outcome of the match.
* Teach routines to use between points to aid in concentration and relaxation.
*  Begin progressive strength training: Focus on developing core stability, endurance and basic athletic skills like agility, balance and coordination. – Teach dynamic warm-up and its importance before practice.
* A firm foundation in the core muscles (trunk, hips, abdomen and lower back) is the basis for future strength and power development.
* Always insist on proper technique.
* Promote teamwork and set standards: –  Teach working with others in practice and coping with winning and losing.
* The player must learn how to practice with purpose and intensity.
* Further refine fundamentals and learn what it takes to become a positive competitor.
* Create a Goal-setting structure as it is fundamental for kids to work with purpose.
* Learn to set goals, but the right types of goals (specific, challenging but realistic, outcome, process and performance goals).

Who Is This Program For?

Beginner - Advanced "Ages 12-18"


Locations, Schedules, Times

-Location: 111 Lake Hollingsworth Dr Lakeland Florida 33801 United States
-Time: 8:00-9:30am and/or 3:00-5:00pm
-Schedule: Monday Through Friday

-Location : 5223 Sun n' Lake Boulevard Sebring, FL 33872
- Time: 10-11:30am
- Schedule: Create Your Own (Tuesday And Thursday)

Program Highlights

  • • Top International Coaches
  • • Nutritional Guidance
  • • Low Player to Coach Ratio
  • • On-court strategic analysis
  • • Mental Training
  • • Tournament Entry Guidance
  • • Quarterly Player Assessments
  • • Resistance Band "Personalized Training Programs"

High Performance

Attain the physical and mental skills to compete at your highest level ever through:

• A Systematic Approach to Conditioning
• Stroke Development
• Strategic Developmentt
• Core Strength Training
• Competitive Challenge Matches
• Resistant Band "injury prevention"
• On-Court Strategic Analysis
• Speed and Agility Training

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